Minutes of the PPG meeting held 16th January 2024

Personal information has been removed from this document.


The group was joined by Dr Pelly and the Practice Manager.

Green Impact Group

Discussion around the importance of the group and what they do within the practice to try and reduce our impact on the enviornment. More information can be found here: About Us (horfieldhealthcentre.nhs.uk)


A member of the PPG met with the practice lead for digital inclusion and they have agreed ways to make the wording on the app for things such as blood tests, more understandable for patients. There has also been involvement with the app support teams to try and advance some of the functions within the app. 

We discussed the app not being at full capacity yet, but this is likely to expand over the coming years. 

Discussion around a digital inclusion project we are hoping to run at the practice with the PPGs involvement in running coaching sessions for patients. This is to improve the use of the NHS app, and help patients know what information is available to them. 

More information about the NHS app can be found here: The NHS App (horfieldhealthcentre.nhs.uk)

Focus Groups

Discussion around providing focus groups for patients and staff, and hopefully holding these in the coming months. 

Next meeting

6th March 2024, 6pm at Horfield Health Centre.

Published: Jan 23, 2024