Patient Ethnicity Medical Records Update


Something that has been highlighted by COVID-19 is the importance of knowing our patient’s ethnicity, so that appropriate information and clinical support can be provided to the right patient group.
This information is asked for as part of your medical records when you first register. However, to ensure our records are up to date we are going to be contacting patients to update their ethnicity from one of the groups below.
Please note this refers to your immediate ethnicity not where you were born.
We will be sending texts to patients during January, February and March to update your ethnicity.  
If you have received a text from us asking for you to confirm your ethnicity, please respond by texting back the letters associated with your ethnicity group, e.g. wi for White-Irish or ab for Asian-Bangladeshi.  This will then automatically update your medical record.
Codes to respond with:
wb White – British or NI
wi White – Irish
wt White – Gypsy or Irish Traveller
wo White – other
mbc Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
mba Mixed – White and Black African
ma Mixed – White and Asian
mo Mixed – other
ai Asian – Indian
ap Asian – Pakistani
ab Asian – Bangladeshi
ac Asian – Chinese
ao Asian – other
ba Black – African
bc Black – Caribbean
bo Black – other
aa Arab
oo Any other ethnic group
mo Mixed – other