Open letter to our patients


To all patients of Horfield Health Centre,

As you will know, the government is relaxing the covid restrictions from July 19th. Rates of covid infection are inevitably going to be very high for several weeks or months.  We want to let you know what is happening in the Health Centre, as well as our advice for staying safe in these uncertain times. 

In the Health Centre 

For the time being we will continue all our covid precautions in the Health Centre. These enable us to keep potentially covid-infected patients away from vulnerable patients and staff.  The GPs will speak to most patients first on the phone, before allocating a face to face appointment if needed. Patients who might have covid will be seen in our Red Zone rooms at the back of the building. We require all patients to wear a mask when attending the surgery no matter who you are seeing. If you cannot wear a mask then please let our reception team know and we will provide you with a visor. The staff will be doing the same. We would like to request adults who have not been double vaccinated to take a lateral flow test the day before any advance booked appointments.  Thank you for your help with these precautions which are for the good of all. 

Advice for patients who have NOT been vaccinated against covid 

If you have not had covid vaccination yet we would encourage you to think very seriously about getting this done. Covid rates across Bristol, including in our area, are rising very fast. This disease is not ‘going away’, much as we might hope it will. Ultimately most people are either going to get vaccinated or get covid. Of course the vaccines are not ‘perfect’ – some people will get side effects and some may not get full protection – but it is medically much safer to be vaccinated than to get the disease. Vaccinations greatly reduce infection, reduce complications, and reduce death. All of the clinical staff at Horfield Health Centre have been vaccinated.  To arrange vaccination go to <>  or speak to reception. 

If you have had one vaccine over 8 weeks ago, but not yet had the other please don’t put off the second vaccination which greatly improves protection against the delta strain of covid. If your first vaccine was with Astra Zeneca and you now want a Pfizer vaccine we can arrange this at the Health Centre as a special request. Email with your name and details.

Advice for patients who have been double vaccinated

Thank you;  you are helping to build the ‘wall of protection’ in the community. Your vaccine will give a good level of protection against infection, complications and the risk of death. However the vaccine is not 100% protective so if you are medically vulnerable please wear a mask or avoid high risk situations. High risk situations include public transport, tight crowds, and large gatherings indoors. Anyone who gets covid symptoms (particularly fever, cough, loss of sense of smell/taste) should get tested with a lab test  and follow subsequent government guidance.  This website enables you to get a test <>

Advice for patients who have had covid already

We know that many of our patients have had covid. Most have gone on to make a full recovery , but some have persisting symptoms. If you are struggling with symptoms following covid please have a look at this website Having covid does not give lifelong immunity so please get vaccinated as well.  (Leave it a month from the start of your illness)


Thank you for reading this and working with us for the safety of all 

We trust you stay healthy and have a good summer 

 Dr Andrew Cordell & Dr Jake Lee