We want to know your blood pressure is well controlled.

For most people, that means an average figure below 140/85, although for people with diabetes or kidney problems it should be a bit lower.

It is helpful to see what your blood pressure is at home. This may give a truer picture than in the surgery where people can be stressed.

Many people these days buy their own blood pressure meter from the pharmacist or online. (Please make sure it is a British Standard approved make). Alternatively you can arrange to borrow one from the Treatment Room.

Record your blood pressure for up to a week at a time, twice a day. Try to be relaxed before you take the reading.

Record two readings each time, but only write down the second one (which is normally the lower one). If the blood pressure is different in your two arms then use the arm which generally gives the higher reading.

Don’t be alarmed by one-off high readings. It is the overall picture that matters

When you have finished recording your week of readings, please let us have the figures using the table below.

We will analyse and record the information. We will contact you if any further action is needed.

If your blood pressure readings are consistently higher than 180/100 please ask Reception to arrange for a GP to speak to you.

Your blood pressure readings